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Purchasing your first home can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t have the right team to guide you. Your first team member should be your mortgage broker. Heather will be there to guide you through the home buying experience as she has provided for her clients over the past 20 years.
The first step is to contact Heather to discuss your mortgage goals. The application will be built based on your employment history, financial history and credit history. This task can be daunting as a first time homebuyer, no worries, Heather will make this simple. From here, Heather will determine which lender is best suited for your home financing goals, how much you can afford and optimizing your application for the lowest interest rate. A strong submission application, with strong credit will secure you the best interest rate and lower your accrued interest over the life of the mortgage.

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If you are looking to purchase a property, understanding all the mortgage options available to you can seem overwhelming. That’s where I come in, I do this every day, and I love it. I will help you make sense of all the numbers guide you through the process.

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